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LTC Terrall Thompson- Senior Army Instructor
LTC Terrall Thompson- Senior Army Instructor
1SG Clifford Henderson - Army Instructor
1SG Clifford D. Henderson
Unarmed Drill Team

Unarmed Drill Team Flyer - AUG 15.jpg

Armed Drill Team

Armed Drill Flyer - AUG 15.jpg

1SG Clifford Henderson Locker

1SG Clifford Henderson

Army JROTC Events 2018-2019

Marksmanship Conference – Oct 2019 – April 2020


All City Color Guard Competition – TBA

DAI (JPA) Inspection (Agenda TBD) – TBD


All City Drill Competition – TBD


Winter Recess (Christmas Break) – 23 December 2019 – 10 January 2020


Cadet Command JROTC Essay Contest (topic: TBD) – TBD, January 2020


All City JROTC Ball – TBD


Massing of the Colors - Sunday 16 February 2020


Annual JROTC Encampment – TBD


BUSC Ceremony – TBD


BUSC Dinner – TBD


Spring Break – 6 – 10 April 2020


All City Marksmanship Invitational Match – TBD


Cadet Challenge Competition – TBD


Academic Achievement Competition – TBD


LAUSD JROTC Fun Day Picnic – TBD


Annual Battalion Awards Ceremony – TBD


All City Staff Competition – TBD


Annual Brigade JROTC Instructor Training Seminar (JITS) TBD

Battalion Command and Staff


Assigned Position Who assigned
"You're it until you're dead or till I find somebody better." You get me?"
Cadet Battalion Commander C/1LT Emmily Sifuentes
Cadet Battalion Executive Officer C/2LT Sarai Reyes
Cadet Battalion Command Sergeant Major C/CSM Oscar Olivares
Cadet Battalion Adjutant S-1 C/SSG Johanna Lopez
Cadet Battalion Security Officer S-2 TBD
Cadet Battalion Training Officer S-3 C/2LT Marline Clemente
Cadet Battalion Logistics Officer S-4 C/SSG Delilah Escobar
Cadet Battalion Public Affairs Officer S-5 C/SFC Alizae Acosta
Cadet Battalion Special Project Officer S-6 TBD
Alpha Company Commander TBD
Bravo Company Commander TBD
Charlie Company Commander TBD
Delta Company Commander TBD
Echo Company Commander TBD
Foxtrot Company Commander TBD


Team Commanders
"Train as you fight"
Team Commander
Company Drill C/1LT Emmily Sifuentes
Platoon Drill C/2LT Sarahi Reyes
Squad Drill C/CSM Oscar Olivares
Courtesy Patrol C/SGT Cynthia Rickman
Saber C/SSG Alonzo Calderon
Armed Drill C/CSM Oscar Olivares
Unarmed Drill C/SSG Delilah Escobar
Marksmanship C/SGT Issac Schwab

C/SGT Christopher Sanchez

C/SGT Edlyn Gonzalez

Cadet Challenge C/SGT Ashley Aguirre
Honor Guard Flag Detail C/SGT Silvia Figueroa
Community Emergency Response C/1LT Emmily Sifuentes
Raider Challenge C/SSG Alonzo Calderon
Academic Achievement C/SSG Tanya Marquez

C/CSM Oscar Olivares 

C/2LT Sarahi Reyes

Color Guard C/1LT Emmily Sifuentes
Marksmanship Test

This test is reserved for members of the Ram Battalion Marksmanship team. Cadets wishing to be a qualified member of the team must be interviewed by the Senior Army Instructor. A unique code will be given every member to be used to registar for the test. Go to the following web site, registar, and take the test.

Enter code and take the marksmanship test.

Cadet Core Abilities
Cadet Core Abilities
Army Values
Eliseo Guerra Raider Team
Color Guard Team

Color Guard Team

Orienteering Team

Orienteering Team Recruit Flyer - AUG 15.jpg

Raider Team

Raider Team Flyer - AUG 15.jpg

Saber Team

Saber Team Flyer - AUG 15.jpg