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  Jacob Aguilar Teacher - Social Science
  Paul Burgueno Teacher - Mathematics
  Caitlin Callaghan Teacher
  Cecilia Garcia Teacher - English
  Adrian Garibay Teacher & Assistant Athletic Director
  Jose Hidalgo World Language Teacher
  Pamela Higgins Teacher - Biology
  David Lavi (323) 568-5600 ex: 335 Teacher - Mathematics
  Laura Mikasa ex: 5616 Problem Solving Data Coordinator
  Ildefonso Rangel Teacher - Physical Education
  Yearbook Web Staff

Club Rush

Academic Decathlon

Advisor: Mr. Jacob Aguilar   Meeting Days/Times:   Monday-Thursday 3-5pm and 8-9am      Zoom: 858 9795 4953.     PW: 742530  

Cross Country/Track & Field

Advisor: Mr Garibay     Meeting Days/Times: Sunday-Thursday various times       Zoom: 869 2226 3329        PW: 328060

The Board and Card Game Club

Mr. Atilano is hosting The Board and Card Game Club. We are an open and inclusive club with the purpose of fostering community and playing board games. We have a growing library and are always looking for donations. Have a dusty board game in the closet that never comes out? Donate to the board and card game club! We will be meeting Tuesday’s and Thursdays during lunch. Tuesday’s we will be teaching new games and Thursdays we will be playing. Anyone is welcome to bring games or check them out from our library to play in room 309.

Girls Soccer
Policy Debate Team
HSM Club
Youth Action Club
Ethical Eaters

Advisor: Mr. Jacob Aguilar     Meeting Days/Times: Monday at 1:00pm   Meeting ID: 860 8258 6566  Passcode: 3579410 

Conspiracy Club

Advisor: Ms. Callaghan.   Meeting days: Thursday 2:30-3:00

Zoom: 859 7736 8769    Password: spook

Click to go to zoom meeting. 

Rams Boys Basketball

Advisor:  Mr. Rangel     Meeting Days/Times:  Wednesday at lunch. 

Click to go to zoom meeting 


Advisor:  Mr. Lavi.    Meeting Days/Times:  Fridays 2:30-3:00.   

Zoom:  842 4946 8822  PW: 7a427e

TUPE Intervention

Advisors: Mr. Gramajo and Mrs. Montes

Meeting day: Wednesday 1:15pm- 2:15PM

Meeting ID: 845 6334 4631

Passcode: 961420

Remind: afhcan

TUPE Prevention

Advisors: Mr. Gramajo and Mrs. Montes

Meeting day: Thursdays 1:15pm-2:15pm

Meeting ID: 883 1026 8686
Passcode: 050316
Remind: afhcan